Customize your jeans by putting some paint on them

Published: 27th November 2009
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Did you know that one of the hottest trends of jeans fashion this autumn is paint? Surprised? An eternal problem of housewifes all over the world is how to get rid of paint stains on the clothes, who would put paint onto his jeans of his own free will?! Then take a look on the latest collections of Marc Jacobs, D&G and Roberto Cavalli - there are paint stains all over them. Both men and women who keep up with the fashions should look like house painters, nothing more, and nothing less! The paint is now diffused not only on jeans, but also on denim jackets and corresponding accessories. This trend is actually a comeback of "do-it-yourself" style of the 1960s and even 1980s. However, today "do-it-yourself" is no longer a fringe protest of the hippies and scandalous rock-stars; today it is transformed to high fashion. Designer boutiques sell them at high prices. Don't want to spend a fortune on expensive designer jeans? Then simply take your old forgotten jeans out of the closet and make custom jeans out of them by putting some bright paint stains on the surface. Make them fashionable and sexy. And don't be afraid to create, it's bound to work!

Want to create something more sophisticated? Then you'll have to lay in a supply of special acrylic fabric paints, which can be found in every hobby shop. The variety of colors is really astonishing - popular metallic, silver, golden, bronze, and even neon acrylic fabric paints will turn your old jeans to a genuine masterpiece. Don't be afraid to experiment! Make the denim to your canvas and let your imagination fly! Don't have a flair and pictorial talent? The muse is mute? Then take special stencil plates with different patterns. Today in hobby shops you can find practically every motif and the stencils are really easy-to-handle. However, be careful while working on your creation. Remember that acrylic paints dry up very quickly and you'll probably not have an opportunity to correct a sad mistake, because once acrylic fabric paints dry up, you can dilute them with nothing. When you've finished with your art, simply iron your design custom jeans on the backside to make your picture more resistant against washing and sunshine. Ready? Then you can start wearing your new creation right away! And while we are at wearing - don't be afraid to get an allergic reaction because of acrylic fabric paint. All of them are specially tested before they hit the shelves, that is why an allergic reaction is practically impossible even if you happen to have sensitive skin.

There is another interesting solution of jeans coloring - you can make certain patterns and designs on denim with the help of bleach. Use the above mentioned stencil plates, be it an inscription, flower motif or something else, a bleacher and a marker. Bleach the denim under a stencil plate and let it dry a little. Or simply put asymmetrical stains of bleach throughout your jeans, that will create an exciting effect, too.

Did you read the article up to here and already consider all this denim painting business overelaborate? Then we have an alternative for you. Save your time, save your effort and build customized jeans with GetWear! It's easy, believe it. And the result will surpass your expectations!

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