Make your own jeans with embroidery!

Published: 27th November 2009
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Embellished jeans never come out of fashion. They are up to date even in calm and unostentatious season of autumn-winter 2009. Today we are going to speak about one of the most popular embellishments - embroidery.

Embroidery and jeans seem to be cut out for each other! They just complement each other and always remain beautiful and original. A lot of fashion designers were inspired by embroidery while creating their denim collections. A lot of celebrities remain true to their favorite embroidered jeans. Embroidery is namely the highlight that makes your jeans personalized and attracts everybody's attention to you. However, the price of such jeans is often much higher than those of the simple ones. And when we are speaking about designer embroidered jeans, the price can go far beyond the limits of your budget.

But don't give way to despair, because today we are going to explain you how to make customized jeans with embroidery yourself. Here are some tips for you. Remember that denim is a solid fabric and that is why there are certain peculiarities of broidering it. You'll certainly need sharp and strong needles as well as an embroidery hoop. Another thing you cannot do without is stitching. Let's take a closer look at the threads that can be used or embroidery. They can be made from wool or from silk, or you can take traditional cotton thread - your choice depends on you only and on the effect you want to create. However, there is one thing you have to bear in mind regardless of the type of thread you choose. Remember that new jeans tend to lose color, so to avoid an unpleasant surprise be sure to wash them a couple of times before starting to work on your embroidery. That will prevent your needlework from taking a dye. Before you start to embroider your custom jeans you'll surely need a certain motive you'll stick to while working. You can use special carbon paper for fabric to transfer your favorite pattern onto denim or just draw the motif on your jeans using a marker or a pen. Another option is the use of vlies. Cut your stencil out of it and stick it down to the place where your embroidery is going to appear. Now let's speak about the technique you can use to create your fancywork. Generally satin stitch is used, but you can also fall back on basket-stitch or criss-cross pattern if you prefer it, why not? But be careful not to make stitches on the seam if you don't want your creation to be later ruined because of rubbing. Another important moment is not to make large stitches to avoid the possibility of incidentally hitching them and destroying the whole needlework. Also be sure to fasten off your threads on the backside, the best way is to stick down a piece of vlies on the backside of your embroidery.

And just in case something goes wrong you can always have your custom jeans made by With embroidery or without it.

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